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for a quick overview of the THS Community P&C ...

Working together for the wellbeing* of the young people in the THS Community and the people who support them

... we do it in lots of different ways, but key to it is that we are ...

Community-owned, LEARNER-driven & professionally-supported

... with a student driven focus (eg. we have 70+ students working in the canteen), when you do get involved it will be in a high-level mentoring role based on your expertise/passion - and as we are professionally supported volunteers don't have to worry about the "day-to-day business stuff".

plus, we...


To achieve this we have developed four key programs funded by your contributions, surplus funds from THS community-owned businesses and social events.  

The key programs are ...


This program supports the student leadership group initiatives - with funding and also helping with parent mentoring.


This program directly supports the learning community with innovations in learning.  Particularily in relation to development around the 4Cs (see below).


The THS Community Start-up Program is available to assist with initiatives that need initial funding or planning and compliance support.

eg the THS Musical


Driven by our natural-spaces and built-spaces master plans, and improve-a-space - this program funds improvements to the THS Community learning environment.

which then leaves us with ...

How YOU can get involved

The simplest way is to join a general meeting (these can be more interesting than you might think)!


If you volunteer or become a full voting member we will add you to the P&C Members email list.

Or follow us @

We have also gathered some reading about society and education that you might find useful, especially as the THS learning community focuses on transformative learning initiative using the 4Cs (collaboration, creativity, communication & critical thinking) - it's not like it was when we went to school ... !

... and if you want to watch something that is refreshing and enlightening we highly recommend the movie Most Likely To Succeed .

Thank you & welcome to the THS community

Don't hesitate to contact us!

Lots more information @

* wellbeing, as in decision makers that are caring, collaborative, self-starting, based on their own agency and understanding of self ...

We meet on a Wednesday once or twice a term.